2020 Statistics Cruise Activities in MedCruise Ports

ΜedCruise presents 2020 statistics, proving a better understand of the impact of Covid-19 on cruise ports in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas

The year 2020 was an unprecedented year for the cruise world, influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, cruise-shipping activities were suspended around the world. MedCruise has worked intensively to secure the implementation of all applicable protocols and to create the conditions for the safe resumption of cruise activities. 

The 2021 special edition of the MedCruise annual statistics report provides valuable information as to what happened during a peculiar year in the history of the cruise industry. The report also monitors the restarting of operations that is in progress, since the second half of 2020.

In total, MedCruise members hosted a total of 1.254 calls and 2.033.804 passenger movements.

“The unprecedented health crisis has paused the continuous growth of cruise activities since 1990. I am glad to report that cruising in the Mediterranean is today a safer activity. The number of ports that are returning to operations, implementing the health protocols that guarantee the conditions for safe cruise ships and passengers visits, are gradually increasing and cruise lines, crew, and guests are back, happy with all operations and experience that MedCruise members provide”, said Aris Batsoulis, MedCruise President.

MedCruise annual statistics report

The MedCruise Statistics Report 2021 records the passenger movements and the cruise calls hosted in 2020 in the second biggest cruise region of the world.

Ports in Western Mediterranean hosted a total of 1.920.403 passenger movements and 977 calls. Ports in the Adriatic Sea hosted a total of 32.838 passenger movements and 148 calls. In the Eastern Mediterranean, cruise ports hosted a total of 80.563 passenger movements and 129 calls. The Black Sea is the cruise region that was hit worse by COVID-19 crisis, as there were no calls during the winter months. 

With the dynamics of individual ports during the irregular year 2020 being irrelevant, any rankings of individual ports have intentionally been excluded by this edition of the MedCruise Statistics report. MedCruise invites all to endorse a similar approach when consulting the report.