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Welcome message

Welcome to your new website, we have been working hard over an entire year to adapt our systems to the new times and bring to date all the information about MedCruise members! 

Which brings you: 
    • a more tailored online tool – much easier to use
    • fitting any device (Responsive) – mobile version
    • user-friendly platform 
    • better position in google 
    • an insight into destinations and not only to ports facilities
    • Associate members made visible
    • quality photos and videos 
    • a better way to communicate events and news 
    • more useful and personalized private area for the members
    • and much more! 


Please keep in mind that we are going to work on the website even more and more to bring you as much benefits as possible. 
If you have any ideas, we are willing to hear them! 

“This project means a new era for MedCruise in terms of Marketing and Promotion. With the priceless support of the Secretariat, which has contributed with new and fresh ideas, we have started developing a responsive and modernized website. Starting small, we ended up creating a more useful tool for our members which will put MedCruise in another category within the online community. Much of my Online Marketing Strategy is represented in this project, for the benefit of our members”.


Maria Cano

Marketing Director

Members Access