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2nd Corfu Conference “Adriatic and Ionion Sea

2nd Corfu Conference "Adriatic and Ionion Sea - Κεντρική Εικόνα


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The 2nd Corfu Cruise Conference “Adriatic and Ionian: A Unique Cruise Destination” was held on 11 & 12 October in Corfu organised by the Corfu Port Authority under the auspices of MedCruise.

The aim of the conference was to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between the cruise ports of the area for a common strategic promotion in the cruise market.

The conference started with interventions by the Mayor of Corfu the Vice Governor – Region of Ionian Islands and the Rector of Ionian University.

In his welcome speech Mr. Sotiris Vlachos President & CEO of Corfu Port Authority focused on the need for a wider cooperation between ports of the region.

Thereafter Mr. Stavros Hatzakos President of MedCruise and General Director of Piraeus Port Authority analyzed the dynamic of the Mediterranean and especially the Adriatic-Ionian Region during the last decade and the prospects to promote cruise destinations to larger markets through cooperation as well as the partnerships needed to increase visitor traffic in the area.

– MEP Spyros Danellis member of Transport and Tourism Committee of European parliament on “The E.U. guidelines on Blue Growth to a competitive marine tourism: The Cruise case”

– MEP Nikos Chrissogelos Vice Chairman of Regional Development Committee on “Potential of green policies development”

– Mr. Agim Pasholli Head of Regional Initiatives Dept. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania on “EUSAIR“ a macroregional Strategy for the Adriatic – Ionian Region Opportunities and Engagements”. Mrs. Chrissie Palassis Development Consultant of Cruise Destinations on “Promoting a destination and the possibilities afforded by the cooperation of ports” and

– Mrs. Nadine Palatz Manager of the Atlantic Alliance and Marketing Manager of Hamburg Cruise Center E.V. “The Experience of Atlantic Alliance” which conveyed the experience of joint promotion of the European cruise ports of the Atlantic coast.

A debate between delegates of the 12 ports from Croatia Italy and Greece and representatives of cruise lines followed with moderator Dr. Thanos Pallis Professor of Aegean University and General Secretary of MedCruise.

The conference was attended in addition to the port representatives by representatives of the economic institutions of Corfu and Zakinthos Corporate Executives Shipping Agents and Tour operators Civil Aviation Authority Harbour Authority Delegates from AOCTA and HATTA representatives of the Cruise ShipOwners Union Commerce Association of Corfu journalists students etc.

You can see photos from the sessions @ http://sdrv.ms/17p335U. Also in website www.corfupress.gr – as well as in YouTube – you can view the videos for both days.