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Costa Pacifica heading towards the port of La Spezia


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Costa Cruises informed on 26 March that Costa Pacifica was heading towards the port of La Spezia.

On board the ship, where the last passengers were disembarked in the Port of Civitavecchia in cooperation with the local authorities, only 900 crew members remain, some of whom are awaiting their repatriation through special flights or transfers organized by Costa Cruises in coordination with the national and international authorities.

The healthy situation on board the ship does not present any problems and is constantly monitored. According to the provisions issued by the Italian Government, crew members will be required to remain on board the ship and they will only be allowed to disembark for repatriation purposes as soon as possible.

Costa Cruises would like to thank all the local authorities of La Spezia who have once again shown their willingness to welcome the vessel by offering also the possibility of mooring.

Costa Cruises was working in the last days for the repatriation of other 25,000 guests and part of its crews with a great organisational effort that is continuing unabated, even in these hours, with the aim of safely returning the last guests and crew members to their final destinations, in an extremely complex international situation due to the restrictions on the movement of people adopted by many countries and the reductions of the number of flights.

The cruise line has announced that it will extend the suspension of its cruise activity until April 30th, 2020.