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Cyprus Ports Authority goes ahead with the extension of Lemesos port western basin quay by 500 meters

Cyprus Ports Authority goes ahead with the extension of Lemesos port western basin quay by 500 meters - Κεντρική Εικόνα


Lemesos port which is the main commercial and cruise port in Cyprus will be further extended and upgraded with the construction of an additional 500 meters quay. The signing of the contracts with the successful tenderer is now a reality and therefore the construction works for the 500-metre extension to the existing port’s quay on its western basin thus reaching to a total 1270 meters is going to commence early in 2014. The project aims to satisfy the needs generated to accommodate the new generation ships (i.e. containers and ro-ro).

Lemesos quay extension is the second stage of EUR 60 million project. During the first phase of the project the port has been deepened to -16 metres in the western basin and to -17m for the port’s turning circle and entrance channel. Port’s existing quays and parts of the breakwater have been strengthened about four years ago.

Additionally at Lemesos port a new passenger terminal is already being built and is estimated to be handed for use in 2014. The new passenger terminal of a total of 6.800m2 will significantly add value to the cruise and passenger handling character of the port. Is fully compliant with EU safety and security requirements and includes one departure hall two arrival halls separated area for luggage handling and receipt a glamorous restaurant at the 1st floor and a big parking place as well as offices for providing all needed high quality services to visitors.

Port’s capacity will be further enhanced with a series of other projects in the mechanical and electrical technology fields the most significant of which are the purchase of three super post panamax gantry cranes a new 60 tons capacity tug boat and a new pilot boat.

Completion of planned efforts for Lemesos port is estimated to be reached upon the completion of the port’s segregation into two parts separating its twin character thus commercial and passenger port in addition with the upgrading of the port’s infrastructure and standards to fully comply to the needs generated from the development of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in shipping as well as works for exploiting hydrocarbons found in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and neighbouring countries.

Optimization of ports performance is a component of competitive advantage in the Mediterranean region and has been set up high on Cyprus Ports Authority’s operational and development agenda. Policies based on the opportunities for expansion and growth of Cypriot ports as well as opportunities for the expected lifting of the Turkish embargo and a solution to the Cyprus problem are reasons which lend very optimistic prospects to the future of the ports as well as to the cargo and passenger traffic through them. Cyprus Ports Authority concentrates on establishing Cyprus portsas the most modern productive and safe in the South-Eastern Mediterranean to serve transshipment trade and cruise traffic.

To grasp what is at stake with these policies and ascertain the perspectives of logistics in the Mediterranean Cyprus Ports Authority the semi-governmental body with forty years of life today in its responsibility to manage operate maintain and develop Cypriot ports isimplementing a multimillion infrastructural and superstructural development project plan.
Based onthe aboveapartfrom Lemesos port the Authority hasrouteda line of project works for the otherports andport areasunder its control.

Concerning Vassiliko port which is the main port for bulk cargo of industrial origin and dirty cargo; ongoing discussions amongst various Governmental Departments are being held for the final configuration of the master plan for the port’s reconstruction. The overall aim is to enhanceport’s performance whilst at the same time considering the new perspectives which emerged from the hydrocarbon levels found in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus. An additional boost on the port’s operations will arise from the construction and operation of a new jetty for which relevant licenses have been granted during the past yearto Vitol Tank Terminals International BV (VTTI BV).

Cyprus ports Authority whilst applying an ethics policy with a social approach has further proceeded with the implementation of the project which refers to the redevelopment and redesigning of the Old Lemesos port. This whole new cultural historical and commercial center within the old Lemesos town area is estimated to be ready by summer this year and is a center which includes offices restaurants shops a large square and cultural and events areas.

CPA has further worked towards complying with the continuously changing needs and upgrades of the shipping industry. Towards this a new information technology project is currently held aiming on the development of specialized applications such as the port community information system (Port Community System) suitable to link all actors (stakeholders) and services engaged in the supply chain on a single submission point.

Efforts are also being made so as to enhance Paphos port character towards serving cruise traffic. Towards this there are considerations for the construction of a new quay which will facilitate cruise ships berthing.

Cyprus Ports Authority through its Ports and in collaboration with all actors engaged in the island’s port system is an optimal link to the global market. The robust infrastructure and service offered in combination to the cost-effectiveness philosophy provided establish Cyprusports ideal hubs for serving transshipment and cruise trade.

Finally Cyprus Ports Authority in its efforts to utilize in the best possible way the prospects generated from the development of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in shipping as well as works for exploiting hydrocarbon found in Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and neighbouring countries has adjusted its business plan. Therefore is in position toserve land area needs and provide general services falling under the Authority’s field for works arising from the hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus and the neighbouring countries.