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Global Ports Holding Celebrates Sustainability Milestone with Valletta Cruise Port’s Successful Shore Power Integration


Global Ports Holding (GPH), the world’s largest cruise port operator, is delighted to announce a significant stride towards environmental sustainability with the successful integration of shore power at Valletta Cruise Port, its subsidiary. On December 01, 2023 Viking Saturn has achieved the historic feat of becoming the first-ever cruise vessel to be fully energized through the Onshore Power Supply (OPS) system at Valletta Cruise Port’s cutting-edge facilities. On the following day, Viking Venus berthed on Boiler Wharf, joined Viking Saturn in the historic port, and was also simultaneously provided with shore power, with both Viking ships successfully powered through the OPS.

This achievement holds immense importance for both Valletta Cruise Port and GPH, representing a groundbreaking moment as the inaugural instance of shore-to-ship connectivity within the extensive GPH port network.

Mehmet Kutman, Chairman and CEO of Global Ports Holding, expressed his gratitude, stating, “This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. I extend my sincere thanks to the Maltese Government and Infrastructure Malta for their pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition. Special appreciation goes to the Valletta Cruise Port team for their persistent efforts and coordination.”

Stephen Xuereb, COO of Global Ports Holding and GM of Valletta Cruise Port, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing, “The successful integration of shore power at Valletta Cruise Port stands as a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly initiatives. We prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, and this achievement aligns with our commitment to advancing green energy solutions across all GPH facilities.”

This €49.9 million initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Infrastructure Malta, and Transport Malta, and supported by Valletta Cruise Port, provides shore power on the 5 main cruise ship quays of Valletta’s Grand Harbour. This initiative results in major air quality improvements with drastic emission reduction. The shore supply powers up cruise ships with the much-needed energy and shuts down the onboard generators, meeting stringent environmental regulations. The shore connection for berthed ships offers a fast, simple, and flexible connection to the ship, supporting the maritime industry’s sustainability efforts.

During a recent visit to the Valletta Cruise Port, Prime Minister Robert Abela voiced strong support for the initiative, characterizing it as a crucial undertaking. He underscored the government’s dedication to fostering sustainable practices within the maritime industry. Recognizing the environmental challenges at hand, he emphasized the project’s role in not only addressing these challenges but also presenting a significant economic opportunity. Prime Minister Abela stated, “This project, among many others, showcases the Maltese government’s commitment to leading the way in implementing changes essential for a robust and sustainable economy.”

This milestone not only marks a historic first but also signifies a strategic step towards the broader implementation of sustainable practices across Global Ports Holding’s entire port network.

Global Ports Holding is committed to prioritizing ESG initiatives, paving the way for further advancements in green energy solutions. The company looks forward to playing a leading role in contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for the cruise industry and the communities it serves.