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La Goulette cruise terminal welcomes the first call of MS Amera in Tunisia


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GSC Cruise Terminal welcomed last thursday 14th November 2019 the first call of MS Amera in Tunisia and the first cruise call from almost 2 years as well, with 649 passengers and 452 staff members.

Two third of the passengers went to three different excursions, visiting Sidi Bou Said, Carthage, and the old town of Tunis La Medina. Some others passengers chose a private tour with one of the selected taxis of the port, or went by walk visiting the surrounding area of La Goulette.

This call meant a lot for the cruise terminal and beyond for Tunisia. It meant the trust and enthusiasm towards Tunisia as a cruise destination, which allows a confidence about the growth and the improvement of the cruise activity in Tunisia in the near future, as it’s already announced by the programmed calls for 2020 and 2021.

The ship was welcomed by Mr Rene Trabelsi “Minister of Tourism and transport” who stressed, during his visit to La Goulette port, the importance that all stakeholders must allocate to the development of the cruise industry in Tunisia for the next years.

The cruise industry development in Tunisia will be all the more improved by the new managers of GSC from 2020, which are MSC and GPH, major players in the cruise industry that are committed to act for the development of the activity in Tunisia.

Tunisia has ever been a land of welcome, a community of tolerance, a haven of peace, enjoying from an exceptional historical, archaeological and cultural richness, while being at the forefront of progress and freedom in life in the region. Tunisia has so much to offer, with its sense of hospitality, its gastronomy, its landscapes and its climate. The cruise traffic return will be the opportunity to show and to share all the beauty and all the generosity of the Country.