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Lisbon: Public tender for cruise activity

Lisbon Cruise Port selects preferred bidder for the cruise terminal - Κεντρική Εικόνα


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The port of Lisbon authority has just launched a public tender for cruise activity concession in Lisbon.

The concession includes the existing cruise facilities in Lisbon Cruise Terminal, at Santa Apolónia, and the construction of the new terminal building, a project by the Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça.

The terms and conditions are available in the electronic site of VORTAL http://portugal.vortal.biz/vortalgov.

Information about the cruise activity and tender can be found on the following link:
http://www.portodelisboa.pt/portal/page/portal/PORTAL_PORTO_LISBOA_ING/CRUZEIROS – Public tender – Lisboa Cruise Terminal.pdf