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Malaga Awarded Best Spanish Mediterranean port prize

Malaga Awarded Best Spanish Mediterranean port prize - Κεντρική Εικόνα


Created on 23 September 2012

The Port of Malaga was awarded the prize for the ˜Best Spanish Mediterranean Port” in the fifth edition of the Cruise Excellence Awards hosted in the Picasso Museum in Malaga. It is the second time that the Port of Malaga receives this Award as the result of a macro survey of more than 11000 cruise passengers and more than 100 travel agencies.

The President of the Port Authority of Malaga Enrique Linde received the Award and showed his gratitude to the port workers for the effort they dedicated to provide a high-quality service in this traffic. Moreover Málagaport sponsored the ‘Best Recognition among Travel Agencies’ award which was granted to Costa Cruceros.

The event was attended by representatives of companies and institutions from Malaga: Port Authority Chamber of Commerce Tourist Board of the City Council and a large group of tourist service companies in Malaga and its province. In addition representatives of Spanish and Mediterranean ports together with shipping lines and representatives of European associations of the cruise industry traveled to Malaga for the event.

The consultant company Cruises News Media Group specialized in the cruise ship industry organized the event.



The importance of the Award not only highlights the high-quality service but also the facilities of the port which have been recently improved.

Malaga has become an excellent welcome point for visitors providing two cruise terminals (the latest operates since May 2011). The two terminals include anenlarged road access to the terminals built in 2011 along with a new waterfront walking area shops and restaurants that opened in 2011.

A third cruise terminal is expected to open in June 2012 located on quay n. 2 only 5 minutes walking from the historical city centre.