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MedCruise at ESPO 2013 Conference

MedCruise at ESPO 2013 Conference - Κεντρική Εικόνα


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MedCruise actively participated at the annual confernce of the European port authorities that was held in Varna Boulgaria 30-31 May 2013.

With the theme of the European Sea Port Organisation (ESPO) 2013 Conference being the collaboration of ports in promoting the sector MedCruise President Stavros Hatzakos and secretary general Thanos Pallis presented the scope of MedCruise the activities that the association develops and the dynamic picture of cruise ports around Europe.

Stavros Hatzakos also presented a preview of the annual statistics collected by MedCruise and will be revealed in total at the forthcoming 42nd General Assembly of MedCruise in Madeira indicating the dynamics of the market and their importance in developing the sector further to boost ports and the local and regional economies. He also presented the logic of collective action that drives MedCruise since its inception and the current activities of the association.

Notably this was the first ever time that MedCruise was invited to intevene at the ESPO Conference. The dual representation of the association provided a first class opportunity to discuss the dynamics of the cruise ports in the Med as well as the issues that its 100 plus members collectively discuss and promote.

These inverventions took place in front of an audience of over 200 people from the sector as well as the vice-president of the European Commission Simon Kallas who presented the new initiatives of the European Commision on ports and several others port policy makers.