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Mr Aris Batsoulis is appointed as the new MedCruise president


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Aris Batsoulis is the new President of MedCruise, effective from mid-October 2020. Since 2017, Aris Batsoulis has held the position of SVP of MedCruise representing the port of Corfu, GR. The announcement follows the decision of outgoing President Airam Díaz to leave his office as Commercial Director of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Following his nomination, Aris Batsoulis said: “It is with great honor to assume responsibility of the Presidency of the largest cruise ports Association of the world, MedCruise. I would like to express my gratitude to Airam for his outstanding work throughout his term. Wishing him every success in his new position. I am committing and looking forward to working along with my skillfull colleagues, members of the MedCruise BoD and the Secretariat, to serving the needs of the members ports and associate members and collaborate with all the stakeholders of the cruise industry towards a responsible and sustainable growth. #PortsTogether and #WorkTogether are meaningful today, more than ever”.

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Aris Batsoulis on his appointment. I am confident that he will develop a great job. I would like also to thank all Board of Directors members for their commitment and excellent work during the last three years. Finally, I would like to recognise the dedication of the Secretariat team, Mr. Jordi Caballé, Ms. Anja Lohrum and Ms. Sara Valls, and encourage them to keep working hard, said Airam Díaz, now MedCruise Honorary President.

Aris Batsoulis is a Mechanical Engineer MSc. Since 2007 is the Head of Cruise Department, Port Facility Security Officer (since 2003) and the last ten years Development Director of Corfu Port Authority S.A.