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New luggage carousel ready for installation in new cruise terminal in Malaga

100x75-images-news-01 20 2011 malaga unloadingconveyors


100x75-images-news-01 20 2011 malaga unloadingconveyorsThe new terminal in Malaga will become the cruise terminal with the longest conveyor belt installed in Spain.

The construction of the second stage of the cruise terminal in Malaga is running at a good pace being its inauguration planned for May 2011.

The installation of the two first units of the luggage carousel in the ground floor of the building will start this week. A total of four big conveyor belts will work in the new terminal with 784 linear meters altogether. This carousel is very similar to the ones in the airport but much bigger given that its total capacity is the handling of 8000 pieces of luggage in just two hours. The equipment required an investment of 915.000 euros by Cruceros Malaga company currently operating the 1st stage of the Passenger Terminal and building (and afterwards operating) the 2nd stage.

The installation of these conveyor belts will make the pick-up of luggage easier for passengers disembarking from mega cruise ships calling at the Port of Malaga. Once the installation of the four conveyor belts is completed the new terminal in Malaga will become the cruise terminal with the longest conveyor belt installed in Spain.

The new building has been designed as a turnaround cruise terminal. The latest trends in luggage handling and passenger management have been adopted by separating both flows in two levels: on the ground floor luggage drop-off and pick-up and on the first floor passenger check-in waiting shopping and embarkation areas.

180x101-images-news-01 20 2011 malaga outside entrance area

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