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Port of Brindisi harbours Costa Fortuna and Costa Mediterranea


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In the past weeks Costa Fortuna and Costa Mediterranea have been laid up in the Port of Brindisi with only crew on board.

Both vessels were moored at Diga di Punta Riso, in the outer port, which is not an operative quay and, under normal circumstances, it is also accessible to citizenship. That is why in no time the Port Authority has carried out some works creating a Security access and ensured the safety of the quay during the operations.

Both vessels were carrying only crew on board and, according to the restrictions about the circulation of cruise vessels enforced in Italy, the crew members were not allowed to disembark until, last Thursday, when Costa Mediterranea was also laid up at the same quay and its crew was transferred to Costa Fortuna.

In the next days, when the local Authorities have completed the procedure, the crew from costa Mediterranea will be carried by Costa Fortuna home as most of them come from Eastern Countries. The total number of crew member is: Fortuna: 900 approx Mediterranea: 500. No COVID-19 case has been detected on board the vessels.

Costa Crociere has donated almost 7tons of food surplus to a local association who supports families in need and less privileged.