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Port of Leixões has just welcomed the 1st Post-Pandemic Cruise ship on Mainland Portugal


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On July 25, the Porto Cruise Terminal welcomed the maiden call of the newest Atlas Ocean Voyages cruise ship, World Navigator. The ship left the Port of Viana do Castelo on July 24 to board passengers at the Port of Leixões on her inaugural cruise to Greece. This 11-day itinerary also included visits to Gibraltar, Formentera, Ibiza, Capri and finally Piraeus, in Greece.

To welcome the maiden call of this ship, the Port of Leixões has presented the captain with the usual ceremony plaque exchange adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions currently in force.

We are very pleased to welcome the first cruise ship in 16 months in maximum security conditions and in full articulation with cruise companies and national health entities.

World Navigator was the third cruise ship ordered by Mystic Cruises to the West Sea Viana Shipyard in Portugal. It was conceived with the sensibilities of an explorer – one who believes the world is best experienced up close, while still leaving the destination untouched.

Launching in July 2021, World Navigator realizes the possibilities of environmental stewardship with the latest hybrid power management and propulsion system, maximizing fuel efficiency and consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems. Its alternate hydro-jet propulsion system helps the ship quietly cruise up to five knots without disturbing marine wildlife for incomparable up-close encounters.