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Porto Cruise Terminal (Port of Leixões) hosted two Turnaround Cruise Calls in May


The Porto Cruise Termina, Port of Leixões, hosted, in just 10 days, two successful ‘turnaround’ operations, both at the North Cruise Terminal.

Turnaround operation of a Portuguese flag cruise ship

On the 11th and 12th of May, our Porto Cruise Terminal, North Pier, welcomed the turnaround call of the World Explorer cruise ship. It was a very special operation as World Explorer was the first passenger ship to be built in Portugal, at the WestSea Shipyards, in the Port of Viana do Castelo. She was launched in 2019 for Mystic Cruises, which is the new brand owned by the Portuguese entrepreneur Mario Ferreira, President of Mystic Invest SGPS.  World Explorer is now operated by Rivages Du Monde, aimed mainly at the French market.

Around 140 passengers have disembarked at Porto Cruise Terminal, North Pier, coming from a trip through Madeira and the Azores. World Explorer has started at our port a new voyage and around 90 new passengers have embarked here to start a new journey towards Northern Europe. This turnaround operation was a success and have involved the Port authority, the Maritime Police and Customs.

Sea Cloud Spirit turnaround call

On May 21, the Porto Cruise Terminal, Port of Leixões, hosted the ‘turnaround’ operation of SEA CLOUD SPIRIT owned by Sea Cloud Cruises. SEA CLOUD SPIRIT is a brand new three-mast sailing ship, of modern design, which has joined the Sea Cloud Cruises’ fleet of historic sailing ships.

The 2020-built/2021-inaugurated cruise ship is currently the world’s largest sail ship with LOA length 138 m and GT 4230 tons.

The SEA CLOUD SPIRIT ended here a 7-day one-way voyage from Malaga having visited Gibraltar, Cádiz, Portimão and Lisbon. On board were traveling 60 passengers who disembarked at our Porto Cruise Terminal, North Pier, during the morning. In the afternoon, around 50 new passengers started a new journey from Porto Cruise Terminal to Bilbao and scheduled to visit Vigo, Vilagarcia de Arousa and Gijon.

This turnaround operation was also a success and joined Port Authorities, the Portuguese Maritime Police and Customs.