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The cruise industry is gathering in Corfu, Greece for the MedCruise General Assembly


The 62nd edition of the General Assembly of MedCruise, the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, representing more than 150 cruise ports from 22 countries and three continents, will be hosted by the Port of Corfu, from 23rd -26th May 2023 in Corfu, Greece.

The event will take place at the Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel. More than 170 delegates, 17 cruise executives from 15 cruise lines and 12 journalists from the international press are expected in Corfu for three vibrant days.

The MedCruise General Assemblies are the key and most anticipated events of the cruise industry calendar. The number of delegates participating in the event is very high and the variety of cruise lines attending is as varied as the portfolio of cruise lines calling at the Port of Corfu.

The B2B meetings are key aspect of the General Assembly, where ports, cruise lines and the press can talk about the latest developments in their ports and in the industry.

Figen Ayan, President of MedCruise said, “MedCruise has always been the trend setter for the cruise industry and it is again the case with our General Assembly, being held in Corfu, Greece. So I am not really surprised that Corfu has been chosen as one of the best Greek islands to visit in 2023 by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller magazine (https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/which-greek-island-should-you-visit-in-2023). I love Greece and its islands. I am even more excited as this is the first time that I am able to discover this vibrant island with its old centre, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, that also has a different charm thanks to the multicultural Italian, French and British influences in every corner of its streets or lush bays. I better understand now why all the cruise companies add beautiful Corfu to their itineraries. I would like to truly thank the Port Authority of Corfu, in particular the CEO Mr. Spyros Zervopoulos, Mr Aris Batsoulis, former President of MedCruise and member of the board, the Governor of the Region of the Ionian Islands Mrs. Rodi Cratsa, the Mayor of the Municipality of Central Corfu Mrs. Meropi Ydraiou and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy Mr. Vaggelis Kyriazopoulos for presenting Corfu to the cruise industry in such a unique and special manner”.

Aris Batsoulis, Development Director & Cruise Management, Corfu Port Authority and Member of the Board of Directors of MedCruise responsible for Projects, Studies & Finances said, “With great pleasure and honour, we, as Corfu Port, are privileged to host the 62nd General Assembly. I hope that within the framework of the gathering, all participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the city of Corfu, characterized by its rich history and many exceptional particularities in terms of its cultural and architectural features. 

Each MedCruise General Assembly is an opportunity for development and discussion. Also, it provides a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and explore every port member’s beauty. 

Furthermore, this assembly will address topics of paramount importance, such as the challenges confronted by MedCruise members and cruise operators operating within island regions, the berth allocation challenge, as well as the imperative matter of ensuring accessibility for individuals during cruises. 

I want to thank all the attendees and the speakers for their valuable time and insightful contributions. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to all those diligent individuals who have worked tirelessly to orchestrate this conference, especially the MedCruise Secretariat. I look forward to seeing you here in Corfu and hope you all will enjoy the event.”


The 62nd MedCruise General Assembly is expected- following constitutional procedures- to officially approve the following new members during the Internal Matters sessions:

New Regular member: Cesme Port

New Associate members: Davelor Ship Services LTD, Transcoma, Altimex, Port Argentario, Romeu Shipping Division/Canaryship, Zadar Cruise Port, Kition Ocean Port LTD in Larnaca, MILLER Y CÍA.


The Port of Corfu will offer two FAM trips to the cruise line and press representatives.

  1. A Corfu History Walking Tour, to discover and experience the charm and history of Old Town of Corfu.
  2. A Corfu Boat trip, sailing through the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea with stunning views of the Old Town of Corfu and its imposing fortress.


Trendy and innovative topics will be covered at the conference programme such as:

  • The Challenges of Cruise Activity on Islands

What are the advantages and disadvantages of insularity for cruise traffic? Are there differences in working for the industry on the islands compared to mainland ports? Are smaller destinations at a distance from large ports also facing challenges? Do Shorex activities differ greatly? Let’s hear about the challenges faced by the islands that are members of MedCruise and others.

  • Face to Face – Small Ship Cruising

Small ship and expedition cruise operators are facing challenges in the Mediterranean. Let’s learn more about these and what can be done to help.

  • Accessible Tourism in the Cruise Industry

In an ever-inclusive world, accessibility must be given a high level of importance. We hear about the challenges of providing these facilities and how the industry has always been aware of the requirements of those with accessibility needs, and how these could be improved.

  • The MedCruise crew-friendly approach initiative

What do crews expect from ports and destinations? Do ports provide enough facilities for crew members? Is this vital element of the industry ignored when it comes to their needs during port calls? Let’s discuss this further an learn ways in which initiatives can be taken in this respect.


Members of the Association are entitled to have B2B meetings with the esteemed guests. At the last General Assembly in Costa Brava, Spain, more that 600 B2B meetings were held.


The MedCruise’s mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. The Association helps its members in benefitting from the growth of the cruise industry by providing networking, promotional, as well as professional development opportunities. Established in Rome on 11th of June 1996, by a collaborative agreement between 16 ports in seven different countries, today MedCruise’s membership extends to 22 countries, and is located on three different continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. MedCruise represents more than 150 ports and 47 associate members.