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The GNV Splendid “floating hospital” ship docks in the Port of Genoa


The Liguria Region takes delivery of the Splendid “floating hospital”, stationed at Ponte Colombo in Genoa’s Ferry Terminal. Amid the coronavirus emergency, on behalf of the regional health care authority of Liguria, the ferry liner GNV has reconverted its ferry passenger vessel into a facility fully equipped to assist COVID-19 patients under quarantine, and patients during convalescence.

“The deployment of the “floating hospital” is the result of the relief efforts made on the part of the Regional authority, the health care service and private companies to help ease crowded hospitals across Genoa and Liguria, and is a a prime example of how the port can serve a new role for the city,” announced the Port Authority President, Paolo Emilio Signorini.

The project is the brainchild of GNV of the MSC group, together with RINA, in strict cooperation with the Liguria Health Care System and Civil Defense, and the ship was successfully sent into action in a short space of time. The floating hospital can provide treatment to hundreds of patients, and expanding capacity in land-based hospitals to treat cases of COVID -19, not only in Liguria, but also in other parts of the country. A group of Genoa-based and other Italian companies have offered their services and supplies to this worthy iniziative.