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Ukrainian Ports: Current operational mode

Ukrainian Ports: Current operational mode - Κεντρική Εικόνα


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Ukrainian seaports -inlcuding MedCruise members Odessa and Sevastopol- are in normal operational mode and absolutely safe for mooring operations despite the current political situation.

According to the CEO of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Mr. Yuriy Vaskov the border and customs control are executed by immigration and custom services in each port of call according to the laws of Ukraine and international and national procedures following standards.

Local police ensure public safety in the historical city centers normally visited by cruise tourists. There are no armed people in the cruise port areas. All the tour destinations and roads leading to the sights as well as cafes shops museums operate in the usual way according to regular working hours. Access to the tourist attractions is check-point free.

Railway shuttle (route) bus trolley-bus and taxi transportation systems as well as relevant stations and stops operate in a regular way according to the usual schedule. Community services perform their duties including the cleaning of the city streets squares and areas around tourist attractions according to the requirements of each city in a regular way.

As Mr. Yuriy Vaskov stated within his address to Cruise Operators and Travel Agencies “it is safe in Odessa and Crimea for guests to take part in shore excursions and visit the central part of the port cities independently”. Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority jointly with local authorities are ready to provide any information including photos demonstrating operations safety of the Ukrainian ports.

If you wish to request more information about the current situation in the Ukrainian seaports you may do so via e-mail to welcome@port.odessa.ua