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Waterfront Marina di Carrara: delivery works for area 4


The new works will be ready in 18 months: new promenade, a square by the sea and transparent parapets. The Mayor: “Today we begin to build the Marina of tomorrow”.

Two days ago the redevelopment works of the Waterfront of Marina di Carrara – Area 4 were delivered, consisting of interventions for the protected usability of the sea promenade at the west pier.

In detail, the most significant intervention consists in the creation of a long path that will develop above the breakwater wall of the breakwater and which represents the most significant part of the entire Waterfront project, not only for its size, 870 m long for 5 m wide, but above all for the panoramic aspect, with its views of the open sea and the port and with the Apuan Alps in the background. Furthermore, the redevelopment of the land area at the root of the breakwater and the creation of a new square on the sea at the elbow of the pier are planned. The ground areas will be enhanced through paths made of dunes with native vegetation, cliffs, gentle slopes. To favor the panoramic view of the route, the construction of “transparent” steel parapets and ground level lighting is also planned. The economic investment for the realization of the project amounts to €. 13,870,000 of which €. 1,574,000 guaranteed by the PNC – Complementary Fund to the PNRR.

The contractual term for the conclusion of the works is set at 18 months. The works will be carried out in such a way as not to cause inconvenience to the summer bathing activities.

The President of the Port Authority of the Ligurian Sea, Mario Sommariva, said: “The waterfront of Marina di Carrara represents the link between the sea, the port and the city. The planned works, considered strategic and therefore worthy of receiving the funding provided by the PNRR, have precisely the purpose of mending the relationship between the port and the city, allowing citizens, but also tourists and cruise passengers to enjoy a unique work in its gender. There will soon be the possibility of consulting a special site, dedicated to the promenade, where citizens will be able to follow the progress of the work hand in hand”.

“Today we start building the Marina di Carrara of tomorrow. With the delivery of these works, we are not only starting with a project that has been awaited for years, but we are also giving a strong signal in the direction of which city we imagine for the future – declared the Mayor of Carrara, Serena Arrighi -. The waterfront as a whole will be a work that will contribute to clearly redesigning a large part of our coastline, making it more beautiful and more functional both for the needs of the area and of the port itself. Of the various lots of this great project, the one that starts today is certainly the one that will have the best impact on citizens since we are going not only to redevelop an area that is already so loved and frequented, but also to create something that has always been a desire of all the citizens of Carrara: an almost one kilometer long walkway suspended between the blue of the sea and the green of the Apuan Alps which, I’m sure, will become a real attraction”.