The Programme ​- Information in detail

On board technical visit (1.5h) Professional Lecturer: Michele Francioni

We will start by learning about different aspects of sustainability on board the MSC Fantasia. Specialised MSC technicians will take us on a tour of parts of the ship to which the public does not have access and we will be able to enjoy explanations behind the scenes of a cruise ship. This guided tour will be conducted in a small group of maximum 15 people, so that we can share all our doubts and questions.

Master class on vessel efficiency (1.5h) Professional Lecturer: Ivana Melilo

We will attend a session on on-board efficiency. What are the measures that cruise ships have recently adopted to become more and more efficient and how these parameters are measured?

Master class on MSC’s sustainability strategies and plans (2h) Professional Lecturer: Michele Francioni

Our sponsor will explain their current and future strategies on all aspects of sustainability in the company, beyond what we have seen previously on the sustainability aspects on board.

In a dialogue with the audience, they will present topics such as:

– State of the fleet in terms of solutions to increase energy efficiency, emissions reduction, circular economy.

– Alternative energy pilots taking place.

– Sustainability best practices on and offshore

– Positioning on social sustainability and the phenomenon of over tourism

– MSC’s commitment with the industry stakeholders, ports and destinations; actions taken place, again pilots and good practices.

Workshop on circular economy (1.5h) Professional Lecturer: Marieta García

We will attend to interactive and the dynamic intersections of sustainability aspects for the MSC Cruises programme.

Easy-to-understand concepts of sustainability, circular economy, development goals, carbon footprint and life cycle:

– Investigate the integration of sustainability, circular economy and aspects of waste recycling, use of water and waste food in our daily lives.

– Raise awareness of the social and environmental value of selective separation and recycling of waste, use of water and waste food.

– Promote responsible behaviour and the adopting of good practices in recycling and the circular economy.

– Motivate an ongoing commitment to these practices the in our daily life and in the work environment.

All these topics will be approached with an interactive methodology. Using thought provoking and engaging games in which the participants will have to use their imagination to solve problems and environmental situations. Participants will be presented with the following tools to generate sustainable proposals: Assembly, cooperation, participation, communication or even theatre.


Activity 1: three topics for three groups

Each group will work on a different topic:

  • Group A. Water. Day 2. From 17:00 to 18:30
  • Group B. Waste. Day 1. From 17:00 to 18:30  
  • Group C. Food. Day 2. From 15:00 to 16:30 

Everyday habits at home and at work in the three topics. Good practices.

Activity 2:  Future workshop – Day 1, from 19:00 to 20:00

The purpose of this workshop is to enables the participants to develop new ideas and solutions in easy sustainable topics and in the process of doing research and taking action.

This activity aims to bring participants closer to the methodology of the citizen´s climate assembly and introduce them to the role that each of us has in making decisions in a playful way.

Activity 3: Conclusions and lessons learnt – Day 2, from 19:00 to 20:00

Each of the three groups from the activity will present the work carried out in that activity to the other two groups with the objective that all participants have training in the three topics covered in the course.

  • Presentation of three works about Water, Waste and Food, in different formats. 
  • Presentation time for each group: 10-15 minutes

A sustainable shorex experience in La Spezia

Sustainability is not only an issue on board, but also in our destinations, cities and towns that welcome cruise passengers. That is why we will disembark in La Spezia to enjoy a sustainable visit.