Shore Excursions Programme

1. Palamós & local fishing village - Half day (4 hours) – Baix Empordà  


Nature and history combined. The beach of Castell is located just a few metres from the Iberian settlement of Castell and, of course, integrated within the area of natural interest of Castell-cap Roig. Wherever you look, the pine trees form an integral part of the landscape. Despite being some distance from the town, this beach offers a wide range of services. These include a kayaking school and walkways for persons with reduced mobility. It is strongly recommended that in addition to diving into the water, you also explore the surrounding area.

The old town of Palamós has its origins in the settlement built inside the walls where the inhabitants used to live, fearful of attacks by land and sea either by pirates or through military disputes.


09:00   Departure to the port of Palamós

09:30   Visit the port of Palamós

10:00    Departure from the terminal to Castell Beach

10:30   Walking tour and visit the old town of Palamós

12.00   Show cooking at “Espai del Peix” with local fishermen

12.30   Departure to the Hotel or straight to the airport

13.00   Arrival to the Hotel

Photo: Castell Beach

Duration: 4 hours

Walking tour. Confortable shoes and clothes

Minimum group of people:  12


2. Medieval villages - Half day (6 hours) – Baix Empordà


The age-old history of Girona is well represented in the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the medieval towns and villages in the area. (Pals, Peratallada and Monells) The old town of Pals, called “el Pedró”, is visible from afar on its hilltop location. Pals is classified as a Historical-Artistic Site and offers interesting windows, arches, wells, etc. from periods ranging from Romanesque to the 18th Century. The most outstanding sites include the Gothic church, the clock-tower, ramparts and six defence towers. Peratallada is the typically medieval fortified village, with defence walls enclosing irregular streets that converge onto the Main Square. The village grew up around the castle, with its elegant Gothic façade, and a magnificent donjon, one of the bests of its kind in Catalonia. Attractive stop featuring stone houses, archivolts, ornamented doors and windows. The porticoes square is the main point of interest in Monells.
09:00   Departure to the port of Palamós 09:30   Visit the port of Palamós 10:00    Departure from the terminal to Pals 10:30   Arrive to Medieval villages 11:00   Visit the villages by electric bikes 13:00   Lunch 14:15   Departure to the Hotel or straight to the airport 15:00   Arrival at the Hotel

Photo: Medieval Villages  

Duration: 6 hours

Bike  tour. Confortable shoes and clothes and hat for the sun

Minimum group of people:  12

3. Girona City - Half day (6 hours)


Girona city centre is recommended to take a guided visit. However, it is also pleasant to wander up and down the narrow streets and to let you get carried away by the magic of the Old Town. We invite to visit the main points of interest in the city: The Cathedral of Girona has the widest Gothic nave in the world. Valuable art works are conserved in the interior, including the 10th-Century Beatus and the well-known Creation Tapestry, a masterpiece of the Romanesque textile art. Also you can admire the Arab Baths, a Romanesque-style building imitating the structures of old Muslim Baths, Monastry of Sant Pere de Gallingants, Church of Sant Felix, houses and bridges on the River Onyar, and the Rambla. If you’re visiting the Costa Brava and a fan of Game of Thrones, Girona should definitely be on your list of places to visit.
09:00   Departure to the port of Palamós 09:30   Visit the port of Palamós 10:00    Departure from the terminal to Girona 10:45   Arrive to Girona 11:00   Visit to the Old Town and main locations of “Game of Thrones” 13:00   Lunch – Tapas- 14.00   Departure to the Hotel or straight to the airport 15.00   Arrival to the Hotel

Photo: Girona   

Duration: 6 hours

Cultural Tour

Minimum group of people:  12

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you cannot miss it

4. Salvador Dalí & Wines (Full day – 8 hours) – Alt Empordà


Surrealist genius Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, where the Dalí Theatre Museum houses much of his work as well the jewellery collection that he designed between 1941 and 1970. A visit to the Theatre-Museum affords an ideal opportunity to discover the unique, enthralling world of Salvador Dalí.

In the Alt Empordà county we find several monasteries, of which the most outstanding is undoubtedly the 10th-century Sant Pere de Rodes, spectacularly situated overlooking Cap de Creus with splendid view of the sea below. The church is of a type unique to Catalan Romanesque architecture. The monastery, the church of Santa Helena and the remains of Verdera castle and settlement constitute this magnificent excursion.


09.00   Departure to Figueres

10:00   Visit Dalí Museum

11:30   Roses “Bay watch”

12:00    Sant Pere de Rodes “wine experience visit”

14:00   Roses gastronomic lunch

16.00   Departure to the Hotel

17:15   Arrival at the Hotel

Photo: Dalí Museum            

Duration: 8 hours

Cultural & wine

Minimum group of people:  12

5. Roses & the Mediterranean Essence (Full day 8 hours) - Alt Empordà


Roses, the town is particularly popular for its splendid beaches, and loved for its unique location: it is the only beach resort facing west, which means tourists and locals alike get to enjoy fantastic sunsets across the Gulf of Roses.

Cadaqués is a name inextricably linked to the Mediterranean and some of the most renowned beaches and coves on the Costa Brava; to the stunning landscape of the Cap de Creus Natural Park; to the peacefulness of a place that has managed to retain its fishing town character; and to important artists and intellectuals for whom it has been a paradise of inspiration, such as the surrealist genius of Empordà, Salvador Dalí.


09.00   Departure to Roses

10.00   Visit the Ciutadella

11.15   Boat trip from Roses
to Cadaqués in a Catamaran

13.30   Lunch

16.00   Visit Port LLigat Dali’s House

17.15   Departure

18:15   Arrival at the Hotel

Photo: Cadaqués            

Duration: 8 hours

Experience activity. Confortable shoes and clothes and hat for the sun and sunscreen

Minimum group of people:  12

If bad weather, some changes maybe applied on catamaran experience