Cartagena, Spain’s best kept secret!


The port of Cartagena boasts more than 3,000 years of history due to the various cultures and civilizations that have occupied the city. Currently the port offers a 700mtr long and 12.5mtr deep cruise quay, enabling any size cruise to berth, with a 4,500sq mtr area for buses, taxis, information point and passenger terminal. The terminal is located next to the yacht club and just 200mtr from the city centre, where visitors may find bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, and more. Cartagena has a very rich and long history, emphasizing the most important periods: Roman, military and modernist.  Cartagena is founded by the Carthaginians and later invaded by the Romans, making it one of the most influential cities of the Empire and capital of the Carthaginian province. In the 18th century the military divides the Spanish coast into three maritime areas, designating it as the Naval Base of the Mediterranean. At the end of the 19th century Cartagena becomes one of the Spanish cities with the largest number of modernist and eclectic architecture thanks to the boom in the mining industry. 
Among the different tourist attractions, the most visited is the Roman Theatre, dating back to the 1st Century BC. Also from this period is the quarter of the Roman Forum, an archaeological site made up of hot springs. Other sites of interest are Spain’s National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Concepcion Castle, the Punic Rampart and the Civil War Refugee Museum and many more. From the cruise terminal, visitors may take a short walk to the city centre, and see a great number of art nouveau, eclectic and baroque buildings. The port area will also house the auditorium and the municipal Convention Centre. The port and city continue working on the Cruise Friend Shop Initiative, whereby the associated partners guarantee the opening of their establishments when a cruise with more than 300 passengers calls Cartagena. 40 minutes away is the city of Murcia with its lively streets and squares, plus Cathedral and Casino amongst places of interest and numerous chances to sample the famous tapas. 

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