The easternmost island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus, is a natural bridge to eastern and western destinations. Cyprus has an exceptionally safe environment and clearly visible commitment to the highest standards in the travel cruise market and for this, is placed among the premier cruising centers of the Mediterranean.

Cyprus through the Cypriot ports is a crossroads destination of three continents, with a solidly European orientation. This combination of the exotic and familiar together with the three cruise port destinations of Lemesos, Larnaka and Paphos ports which combine modernity, productivity, competitiveness and safety, establish Cyprus  an ideal all year round destination of call for  today’s travel market.

With its proximity to Middle East ports, excellent port services and facilities and nearness to major attractions, Cyprus is the perfect stop-over for cruises of all sizes.

At the crossroads of cultures for 10,000 years, Cyprus is endowed with a remarkably rich historical legacy that encompasses Neolithic ruins, impressive Greek and Roman sites, Early Christian basilicas, UNESCO-listed painted Byzantine churches, and more. Furthermore, the Cypriots have a long tradition of extending warm hospitality to travelers and even passengers on brief visits will experience this.

Cyprus, serves as point of embarkation for Cyprus based itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as a call point for international cruise itineraries and for fly-cruise and stay operations.

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