Premier ports, uniquely ideal for being ports of call and home ports at an all year round, comfortable, safe and diverse destination. Cyprus, the easternmost island in the Mediterranean and a natural bridge to eastern and western destinations, is endowed with a remarkably rich historical legacy, a plethora of native treasures and traditions, carefully protected natural trails, picturesque villages, superb sandy beaches and many more must see places!  Cyprus also offers an exceptionally safe environment and clearly visible commitment to the highest standards in the travel cruise market.

Cyprus as a port of Call: Cyprus’s proximity to well known, traditional and world interest destinations in the region in addition with the excellent port facilities offered and ports nearness to the main attractions – and the diverse attractions themselves, establish Cyprus an ideal port of call for cruises of all sizes. Fly, Cruise and Stay: The fame of Cyprus as an international tourist destination and its proximity to other fascinating destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean makes Cyprus ideal for fly, cruise and stay operations. Cruises from Cyprus for vacations on three continents: As the easternmost island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a natural point of departure for exploring this amazingly diverse region. In addition, the incredibly close distances amongst Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Latsi ports, establish them an ideal choice for those that eager to live a diverse and a unique experience at once. Towards strengthening visitors’ experience, Cyprus Ports Authority, amongst other developments has handed over for operation a completely new and modern passenger terminal at Limassol port which is operated by DP World Limassol (see associate member section).

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