Located in full Atlantic Ocean, 32º 38' N and 16º54' W, the Port of Funchal was, during years, the only entrance in Madeira Island and a must port of call for cargo and passenger ships who left Europe for their colonies.

The first registers of port activity retrace to 15th century when the production of sugar from sugar cane had placed Madeira in the European commercial circuit. Throughout history, this Port always played a basic role in the economic development of the Region since the period of the discoveries and was, necessarily, its central location and the coexistence of multiple nationalities in it that made the city of Funchal one of the most cosmopolitan cities of that period. By the way, it was one of its visitors that stated Madeira as the “Atlantic Pearl”.

The maritime transport and the dependence of this playedan important role for the Port of Funchal in the commercial development of Madeira and later in its tourist growth, opening Madeira to the world.

It is in the decade of 80 that the industry of cruises gains an exponential growth but it’s from the 90´s until now that the increase of ships and passengers in this Port grows substantially. In 1999 The Port of Funchal started to register 204 calls and 152,000 passengers and in 2009, 277 scales and 435,821 passengers. A growth that came to consolidate the tourist activity of this Port due to its reorganization and the creation of better conditions happily congregated and materialized in the past month of May, with the inauguration of the new Cruise Passenger Terminal of Madeira.

Today, the Port of Funchal is assumed as a competitive port to the world-wide scale, exclusively dedicated to cruise vessels, mega-yachts, boats of tourist activities. The new Passenger Terminal is an infrastructure of support to embark, disembark and to the shelter passengers in transit and crews, offering more diverse security, comfort, quality and services to all its users. Its architecture gave more value to the Bay of Funchal for its visual framing in the maritime space.

Beyond assuring the growth of the cruise tourismin the Region, the new Passenger Terminal comes to consolidate some objectives of this Port Authority: that is to battle against the low season being opened the new business opportunities mainly the development of turn around.

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