Located in full Atlantic Ocean, 32º 38' N and 16º54' W, the Port of Funchal was, during years, the only entrance in Madeira Island and a must port of call for cargo and passenger ships who left Europe for their colonies.

This Port is situated in a magnificent bay framed by the clear blue of the sea, the city of Funchal and the green of the mountains of Madeira Island. Situated 15 minutes on foot from the city centre, the Port of Funchal is also the departure point for discovering the Island of Madeira. Funchal is its capital city and in the 741sq km of the Island of Madeira you will have lots to discover. With two thirds of its territory considered protected forest area, Madeira is a green jewel in the Atlantic Ocean. Its Laurissilva forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beauty of its coastline is unquestionable. The clear blue of the sea in contrast to its precipitous coastline is appreciated by thousands of tourists every year. Come and live this experience too. 
Funchal’s new cruise terminal, Gare Maritima da Madeira, was inaugurated in May 2010 offering a berthing line of 170mtr and a 3,000sq mtr building and capable of handling turnaround facilities. The headquarters of the Port Authority and all its support services are also located in the building, as well as a range of commercial businesses. Located along the waterfront with the city as a backdrop and offering a unique and wonderful panoramic view, the building has already become an icon and landmark of Funchal and the Madeira islands. A stable climate, a really inviting sea temperature, nine kilometres of golden sands, an almost untamed charm and a spectacular sunset make the island of Porto Santo an unrivalled stopover on your travels. Enjoy the tranquillity which the Port of Porto Santo offers you.

The Port of Funchal and Madeira Island welcomes you.



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