Sibenik – the centre of the Croatian coast

The port of Sibenik is an integral part of the city offering strategic location and logistics combined with excitement and attractions. It is naturally sheltered from the winds and waves.

Ships sail into the port through the Channel of St. Anthony ( 2700 m long and 120-300 m wide ) which is easily navigable for ships up to 50.000 DWT. The port is 10 km long, 300-1200 m wide and 8-40 m deep.

The Port of Sibenik Authority was founded to govern, construct and use the Port of Sibenik, opened for international public transport and proclaimed a port of special international and economic interest for the Republic of Croatia, based on its size and importance.

The Port of Sibenik Authority recognizes sustainable development as the fundamental aspect of future management and realizes that the aspiration for economic growth is closely connected with protection of healthy environment. 

The Sibenik region, located in the centre of the Croatian coast, represents one of the most suitable starting points for the excursion tourism in Dalmatia.Owing to its numerous islets, a number of national parks and nature reserves and a wealth of historical monuments, the Sibenik Riviera is a real jewel of Dalmatia. 

It is known for two national parks – Krka  and Kornati. The Krka National Park will offer you the beauty of the Krka Canyon along with numerous lakes and waterfalls and the Kornati National Park, consisting of 140 islands, islets and reefs, will enchant you with extraordinary sights of stone and sea.

 If you visit the centre of the town of Sibenik, you will feel the influences of different cultures which are closely interwoven in this Riviera. In the medieval town centre of Sibenik there is another Croatian UNESCO monument – the cathedral of St. James, the only construction in the whole Europe made entirely of stone.  

The Sibenik Riviera with its natural and the historic surroundings offers many possibilities for trips to all areas of the region. About an hour drive towards south from Sibenik there are two other UNESCO localities – the Town of Trogir and the Roman palace of the emperor Diocletian in Split. Not far away from Sibenik are situated two more national parks – Paklenica National Park, known among alpinists, and Plitvice Lakes National Park, protected by UNESCO since 1979.

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