Five Ports, One Destination

Balearic Islands contain numerous tourist attractions that have allowed them to become one of the top vacation destinations in Europe. The Balearic Islands have a lot to offer to its visitors, and those who arrive here by sea will be able to witness all those values. With this aim in mind, and in order to offer cruise passengers a complete experience, the Balearic Islands' Port Authority adapts to the passengers' needs during their tour around the Mediterranean.

The ports of Palma, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza and La Savina welcome you to one of the most spectacular destinations in the world: the Balearic Islands. Four islands whose almost 1,500 kilometres of coastline embody the essence of the Mediterranean. A sea, a land and a people who have survived a thousand and one difficulties to become a reference point for world tourism, a fact that is well known to the one-and-a-half million cruise passengers who visit the islands every year, and to the main shipping companies who choose to call at their public-interest ports.

The five ports managed by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands are well equipped to play host to the world’s largest cruise ships yet strive, year after year, to better their facilities and update the services they offer shipping companies and passengers. The Port of Palma, a world leader in cruise terms, take advantage to the low season in order to increase the cruises in winter and their calls at Palma's port. The city has good communications with European cities and a mild climate. Fine dining, shopping, culture, leisure, history, beaches; the very best of the Mediterranean, like the islanders’ unique way of life, is in plentiful supply in Ibiza, a name which is famous way beyond the island itself. A unique destination within the reach of new visitors who can discover the paradise known as Ibiza. This is also a unique opportunity to visit the nearby island of Formentera via its port, is also the main connection with la Savina Port, unique gate of Formentera, the smallest island of the archipelago. Many of the cruise passengers who arrive at Ibiza every year cross to the turquoise island to discover its beaches, lounge at its beach bars or visit all its nooks by motor-bike or bicycle.

On the opposite side of the islands, towards the northeast, we find another two excellent cruise ports, sharing a similarly enviable and envied climate: Alcudia and Mahon. The former is the latest port to welcome cruise ships, and has huge potential as a port and destination for highly demanding, very exclusive visitors. With six kilometres in length, Mahon's port in Menorca is the second largest port in Europe and one of the most incredible natural ports of the Mediterranean for its beauty which is one of the oldest enclaves in what was once known as Mare Nostrum, has a lot to offer visitors in search of unique, perfect places offering lasting memories. 

The island's rich heritage earned it the recognition of Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 1999, and its port has the challenge of coping with the traffic growth while respecting the landscape and the cultural values of the city. 

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