Barcelona. Europe's leading cruise port

According to the National Geographic magazine, "Barcelona is one of the 10 cities in the world which must be visited once in a lifetime". The capital of Catalonia has a wide variety of cultural, architectural and leisure attractions that make it one of the most highly-visited cities in the world.

The Port of Barcelona works with local and international stakeholders of the cruise industry. Barcelona Cruise Port – Creuers Terminals manages 5 public cruise terminals. Carnival Group own 2 terminals in Adossat Quay, Palacruceros and Helix, ready to operate the newest ships of the group.Thanks to its charms and Mediterranean climate the city receives millions of tourists every year. The Port of Barcelona, located in the heart of the city.

Regarding the coming years, one issue of the upmost importance for the whole cruise community of Barcelona is to preserve the environment. For this reason, the Port of Barcelona has presented ‘The Air Quality Improvement Plan’. The goals of the plan are to promote LNG as an alternative fuel and to control the environmental impact of the port activities. 

Being part of MedCruise, we continue to keep the focus in our region, the Mediterranean. A cruise itinerary is a chain composed by different destinations and we work the aim of achieve the success of the region.

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