The Port of Cagliari is in the center of the Mediterranean sea, and because of its position, it has been a fundamental commercial and strategic bond for more than 2000 years. Funded by the Phoenicians, then  influenced by the Carthaginians and the Romans, it has kept for centuries the capacity for constant development and improvement. The abundance of experience and tradition is nowadays guided by the Port Authority, that develops and promotes activities stressing the importance of quality, integration and innovation.

Seven doors in a paradise surrounded by the sea. Seven ports at the centre of the world. In balance with identity, traditions, innovation, culture and nature. Sardinia, a land where places of beauty weave together with environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability. Every place, on the coast or inland, is a fascinating discovery, which transforms tourism to build a unique experience, for a simple vacation or for your entire life. Every year it is the destination of choice for ten million visitors (cruise passengers exceed 600,000) Sardinia combines four dimensions: nature excellence, food quality, longevity, sustainable innovation. Anyone who reaches the Island by sea, by ferry or cruise ship, through the ports of Cagliari, Olbia, Porto Torres, Golfo Aranci, Oristano is hosted on an island that reveals treasures and creates everlasting memories.

Thousands of years of history, that are evident through the archaeological sites and monuments. Precious traditions of unique handicrafts, handed down from through generations revealing deep and magical stories of an island where is possible to find, simply in food and lifestyle, the elixir of life. A timeless and boundless land,  that generates positive vibrations that Sardinians are happy to instil in everyone who decides to visit it.


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