Constantza - Discover Romania through the biggest Black Sea Port

A wise man once said that life is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.  That is why, as one more page of your journey, we invite you to Constanta, a surprising city with plenty to offer to those who come here.

A city of contrasts, both cultural and economical, not only does it have a rich and surprising history, but it also possesses 10 resorts to its south which are and have been famous for their beaches, hotels and spas. The summer capital of Romania, Mamaia Resort is the pearl of the Romanian Riviera. With numerous facilities and attractions, such as the water park, the cable car or the famous former royal residence around which the resort was built, Mamaia is the perfect summer destination for both families with children and people travelling by themselves.

If you are interested in archaeology, you should know that no farther than 50 km from Constanta one can visit the ancient citadel of Histria (VIIth c BC), a true Romanian Pompey. Priceless archaeological pieces of an impressive history can also be seen at The National History and Archaeology Museum in Constanta, The Roman Edifice with Mosaic and The Archaeological Museum in Mangalia. As a standing proof of the various nationalities who have lived here in the historical center of Constanta one can visit the Carol I Mosque, St Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Anthony Catholic Church, The Synagogue and the Armenian Church.

Either you choose it for its wide beaches, gentle temperatures, balneary treatments of just for the never ending summer entertainment, Constanta is definitely a city to visit! 

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