The Port of Malaga is located in a strategic area in Southern Europe, connecting with routes to the Atlantic and the Med.  It has changed greatly during the last years, in order to improve its cruise facilities and waterfront, works started in 2001 with the extension of the Eastern Dock into the sea. There are no size limits for cruise ships mooring in Malaga.

Cruise Terminals A and B, located at the Eastern Dock, is where the largest cruise ships are usually moored: Terminal A has a total of 7,715sq mtr divided in two levels to handle passengers and luggage separately, as it is particularly designed as a turnaround terminal. Terminal B has a total of 8,367sq mtr, rendering full transit and/or turnaround service. Cruise facilities have the capacity to manage the flow of 1,000,000 passengers per year. Up-to-date technology in security of luggage processing and professional services rendered to passengers are their key features.

These terminals operate with four different berths. A safe, wide and comfortable connection between the terminals and the city centre has been constructed for the best operations with the increase of cruise passengers in Malaga.

On the other hand, smaller and luxury cruise ships find a perfect mooring point in quay n.2, where a new waterfront called “The Palm Grove” offers passengers a most welcoming atmosphere upon arrival. It also houses a small Passenger Terminal only 5 minutes away on foot from the historical city center.

Malaga enjoys numerous attractions in the city and excellent connections: by high-speed train, Cordoba, Seville and Madrid, the latest in just 2.10 hours. By highway, Granada and its worldwide-famous Alhambra in 60 minutes, Cordoba and Seville in 2 hours. Also close are Gibraltar and Morocco.

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