Associate Members of this Association shall consist of an entity, public or private, which does not meet the criteria to be a Regular member and whose activities are: tourism boards, port agents, receptive agents and cruise industry related associations and companies.

Procedure to become an Associate Member

As the MedCruise Constitution states, Article IV.2.6, the procedure to become an associate member shall be as follows:

1. Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Interim Secretary General -Ms. Anja Lohrum; with a letter of the corresponding Regular member seconding the membership
2. The Secretary General will study if the applicant meets the requirements and will do a report to be presented to the Board of Directors
3. Any such election to membership shall be considered and subsequently approved or otherwise by the Board of Directors
4. The General Assembly shall make the final decision about the membership*
5. After this approval, the applicant shall become an Associate member after the conclusion of the corresponding payment (the 2024 annual fee stands at 2,250 euros)
The team of the MedCruise Secretariat remains always at your disposal, should you need any further information. CONTACT 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the MedCruise family so that you can take advantage of the many benefits our Association is offering.

* After your membership application has been approved by the Board of Directors, it will be moved to the next step of the constitutional procedure which is the official approval in the next General Assembly to take place in Spring and Autumn every year, where you will be invited as observers and you will be given the opportunity to present your company to the Association.
Until the official approval, you will have the chance to partially enjoy the MedCruise membership benefits (for example receiving all informative and updated emails, access to reports, participating in the Morning Coffees and other webinars and online sessions).
Following the approval of your membership you will fully enjoy the membership benefits such as access to the MedCruise online community, participation in the B2B meetings during MedCruise GAs, taking advantage of MedCruise stand in Seatrade events and organise receptions and B2B meetings, participation in the Professional Development Courses and many others.

MedCruise Secretariat remains at your disposal.

Membership benefits

  • Meeting Cruise Lines during B2B meetings
  • Links with European and International Associations
  • Professional Development Courses free to members
  • Working groups
  • Representation and discounts at major Cruise Shipping events
  • Constant promotion via the MedCruise website and social media
  • Access to MedCruise Studies, data and statistics
  • Networking opportunities with other members during the MedCruise General Assemblies, exchange experiences, share and develop best practices
  • Inclusion in Key directories circulated to cruise industry professionals around the globe