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AIVP & MedCruise create a new Working Group on Cruises and Port Cities


MedCruise and AIVP have launched a new joint Working Group focused on sustainable port-city relationships and cruises. The goal of the new WG is to reflect and share good practices that can facilitate a better coexistence between port cities and cruises. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the cruise lines regular functioning, effectively stopping the sector from operating all over the world. This is also an opportunity that both organizations want to use to strengthen their cooperation and help their members overcome this difficult period and plan a more sustainable future. 
The new Working Group is an important step in the collaboration between both organizations. After signing an MoU in April 2021, AIVP and MedCruise have established a dialogue on key topics related to cruises and port cities. Both organizations are convinced that it is necessary to work together to find a balance between port activities, cruises, and the aspirations of citizens. The new Working Group will create a benchmark of current best practices developed all over the world that can contribute to improve the relationship between port cities, citizens, and sustainable cruises. The group will also identify current challenges and risks that can slow down the implementation of good practices. Other scope of the group will be to discuss sustainable approaches for tourism and cruise markets in port cities, and improve the dialogue with local governments, pressure groups, NGOs, national bodies, or other actors involved in the cruise-port city relationship. 

About MedCruise: The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports

The mission of MedCruise is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. The Association assists its members in benefiting from the growth of the cruise industry by providing networking, promotional, as well as professional development opportunities.
Established in Rome on the 11th of June 1996, by a collaborative agreement between 16 ports in seven different countries, the MedCruise membership spreads today in 21 countries, and is located in three different continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. MedCruise represents more than 140 ports and 33 associate members.

About AIVP: The Worldwide Network of Port Cities 

AIVP is the only worldwide network which for over 30 years has been providing a meeting point for city and port players and their partners. AIVP has been a privileged witness of the on-going changes in cities and ports all over the world. 
Created in 1988 by port and city stakeholders looking to promote dialogue on the transformation of city-port interfaces, AIVP has established a reputation as the world’s leading organisation supporting sustainable city-port development strategies. Today, AIVP has a global presence with more than 180 members worldwide, in all continents, including port authorities, municipalities, regions, companies and research institutions.