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Grand Circle Cruise Line’s Clio in the Port of Málaga today for a technical call


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Grand Circle Cruise Line’s Clio arrived at the Port of Málaga last friday at 8 a.m., in a technical call carrying no passengers, fulfilling the requests from the Spanish Government for such calls, to carry out the following operations:

  • Ship supplies: water and fuel. Waste unloading.
  • Disembarking of crew members: a total of 12 crew members have disembarked today to be directly driven to Málaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, from where they will be able to get back home in Ukraine.

The ship’s staff was supported by their shipping agent, Marmedsa Cruise Services, and will leave the Port of Málaga today for a new destination, where she will stay in cold lay-up.


Pullmantur’s Sovereign also berthed in the Port of Málaga, carrying only crew, since she arrived on March 20th. The ship has been undergoing ship supplies and also disembarked some of her crew members to get back home. Crew members still onboard cannot go shoreside as lockdown is in force in Spain. The ship left the Port of Málaga yesterday and headed to Gibraltar.

Sovereign: a part of Málaga

Sovereign has become a part of the city of Málaga these days, and is very well-known since every evening her horn loudly joins the clapping by which inhabitants from Málaga pay tribute to essential workers, such as hospitals’ staff, as it is being done all throughout the country during lockdown.

Also, a few weeks ago, the ship made an important contribution to the city, by donating 7 tons of food and beverage products which were onboard and in perfect conditions, helping 1,130 people from Málaga in need.

The Port of Málaga is pleased to cooperate with cruise lines whenever posible and always following the instructions and authorisations provided by the Spanish Government.