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In Loving Memory of Alexandra Mendonça


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The news of her death has left us without words and in total disarray. No matter how many difficulties we are facing during this strange and unprecedented period of a pandemic and confinement, which is spreading worldwide; we, as friends and colleagues, want to honour a great lady with remarkable human qualities.

Reliable, indulgent, intelligent, sophisticated, modest, hardworking, not forgetting how she enjoyed spending time with colleagues for fun evenings spent dining and dancing at MedCruise events.

She fought like a lion, with a lot of dignity, always taking time to ask after others and their families, even while her life was in jeopardy. We feel a great loss, the loss of someone really special, a confident, non-judgmental person who always greeted us with joy and open heart.

We have loved Alexandra in life, we won’t forget her after death. May her rest in peace.

In loving memory, MedCruise Family.

Alexandra Mendonça was a member of MedCruise Board of Directors 2011-2014