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MedCruise Presents its 2015 Statistics Report

MedCruise Presents its 2015 Statistics Report - Κεντρική Εικόνα


MedCruise presented to the cruise world gathered in Miami the 2015 edition of the MedCruise Statistical Report covering in detail the cruise activities in MedCruise Ports during 2014.

The presentation took place during Cruise Shipping Miami 2015, at the MedCruise booth, and was followed by a welcome reception open to visitors of the event.

The report is based on the annual cruise traffic data of 72 MedCruise port members representing over 80% of the total cruise passenger movements in Mediterranean in 2014.

MedCruise President Carla Salvadό noted that in 2014 MedCruise ports welcomed 25,8 million cruise passenger movements and more than 13.700 cruise calls. This means that the number of passenger movements in the Med and its adjoining seas in 2014 stands at 4,8% more than in 2010.

Carla Salvadό emphasized that the scale of cruise passengers has exceeded 25 million movements per year every single year since 2011.

Yet, a volatility of the total passenger movements on a year per year basis sustains. A 7% decrease of passenger movements was registered comparing to 2013, which formed the record year in terms of cruise passenger movements in the region since 2000.

MedCruise President concluded that the challenge for Mediterranean ports, destinations and all stakeholders is to work collectively in order to provide all those conditions that create the background for future growth.

The report entitled ‘Cruise activities in MedCruise Ports: Statistics 2014’ was produced by the MedCruise Secretariat.

It includes a detailed analysis of cruise activities hosted in the Mediterranean region and its adjoining seas in 2014, comparing the data with the immediate previous year and presenting an analysis of developments in the region during the last five years.

The report is available to the cruise world and can be freely downloaded via this link



For more information on the ‘Cruise activities in MedCruise Ports: Statistics 2014’ report you might contact:

Thanos Pallis, MedCruise Secretary General, thanos.pallis@medcruise.com
and/or Kleopatra Arapi, kleopatra.arapi@medcruise.com