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Mein Schiff 5 first time calling Dubrovnik Port


On Friday 3 June 2022, Dubrovnik Port Authority welcomed for the first time TUI Cruises vessel, MEIN SCHIFF 5, arriving to Dubrovnik from Bari and heading to Trieste, Italy. The cruise ship was visited by the representatives of Dubrovnik Port Authority, wishing the Master Capt. Ioannis Anastasiou, passengers and crew a warm welcome on their first call to Dubrovnik.

MEIN SCHIFF 5 was built in 2016 at the Finnish shipyard Meyer Turku, 295.3 m in length, with its 98,785 GT, accommodating 2,534 passengers and 1,030 crew members. This is the fifth sister ship in the fleet of German TUI Cruises MEIN SCHIFF 5, after the construction of MEIN SCHIFF 1, MEIN SCHIFF 2, MEIN SCHIFF 3 and MEIN SCHIFF 4, and before launching MEIN SCHIFF 6 in 2017, having visited Dubrovnik in 2019.

The program of building passenger ships of TUI Group, the world’s largest travel organizer, goes further, so the third of 111,100 GT series, which is also being built in Finland, under the name MEIN SCHIFF 7, will be delivered in 2024, while MEIN SCHIFF 8 and MEIN SCHIFF 9 each of 161,000 GT are to be launched at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri in 2024 and 2026.

It is interesting to note that the arrivals of MEIN SCHIFF 5 at Dubrovnik Port are announced on a regular basis in cruise season 2022 and 2023.