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Rijeka: Urban – Competition for architectural concept design for the development of Delta & Porto Baross area

Rijeka: Urban - Competition for architectural concept design for the development of Delta & Porto Baross area - Κεντρική Εικόνα


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The Port of Rijeka Authority, as the Main Promoter, in cooperation with the City of Rijeka, launched on the 5th of July a competition for urban – architectural concept design for the development of Delta and Porto Baross area in Rijeka, Croatia.

The competition is public, international, open, single-stage, anonymus, ideas competition and it has been carried out within Rijeka Gateway Project – Port City Interface component, the purpose of which is the conversion of port areas of Delta and Porto Baross into urban center.

The Competition is carried out and organized by Rijeka Architects Association (DAR), acting on behalf of the Port of Rijeka Authority and the City of Rijeka.

The Competition refers to a broader area (Northern and Southern Delta and Porto Baross, with the total surface area of 32 hectares), from Spomenik oslobođenja (Liberation monument in Rijeka) to the shoreline. The competitors are required to observe the basic spatial organization of the General urbanistic plan of the City of Rijeka and to offer spatial solutions considering the planned city park in Northern Delta, positions of the new residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, hotel and public use areas, as well as the organization of public areas – streets, squares, promenades, and coast of Southern Delta. Within the area of ​​Porto Baros, competitors are required to offer a solution for the new marina with supporting facilities integrating the port warehouses protected as cultural heritage.

The competition entries would be evaluated by the jury composed of the representatives of the promoters and eminent foreign and local experts in the fields of architecture and urban planning. The jury will choose the best three – equally valuable competition entires offering an innovative urban architectural solution of Delta and Porto Baross.

The awarded competition entries will make the integral part of the bidding documents in international tender for award of the concession on Delta and Porto Baross area. All the bidders in the internation tender for concession shall be required to adhere to one of three winning urbanistic solutions, at their preference which urbanistic solution would then represent expert basis for further development of urban planning documents.

The invitation to competition has been announced in Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic of Croatia (8 July 2013), and in the Official Journal of the European Union (10 July 2013), in the printed media “Novi list” (11 July 2013), on the web site of Port of Rijeka Authority, www.portauthority.hr,www.mojadelta.com, on web site of the City of Rijeka www.rijeka.hr, as well as on DAR web pages www.d-a-r.hr

All information about the Competition (Competition Rules, Programme, Competition Basis and other information) are available for download at: 

http://d-a-r.hr/delta and http://d-a-r.hr/delta/en

Further clarifications may be obtained by e-mail: natjecaj@d-a-r.hr