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The Changing Face of Genoa-Savona’s Cruise Ports


The wide-ranging large-scale infrastructure plan is in place at Genoa and Savona’s passenger ports and begins to take shape across the cruise terminals. With over 40 million euros already invested to address the major challenges posed globally by the industry, the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority is now ready to cater for the advent of the ultra-large cruise vessels and to ensure easy, safe, integrated and sustainable accessibility for the ships and the over 5 million passengers which call annually at the Ports of Genoa.

The strong performance and rapid development of the cruise sector boosts not only tourism in the city-ports, but also the local thriving shipbuilding and refitting industry, a key driver of the Italian blue economy. Naturally, the growth in cruise passenger throughput across both the Ports of Genoa and Savona is planned and governed to ensure compliance with strict standards in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. In fact, the Port Authority has invested 30 million euros in the forthcoming installation of on-shore power supply facilities which will be offered to all cruise ships calling at the terminals, with the objective of slashing carbon emissions and reducing noise pollution across the adjacent urban areas, as vessels will be able to switch off generators. The installation of the new power supply unit and cables is currently underway at the Stazioni Marittime terminal by the contractor Nidec.

In addition, construction works have commenced at Ponte dei Mille Levante to extend the quayline from 290 metres to 376 metres to cater in full safety for the latest generation of ultra-large vessels, including the World Class ships, thereby equipping the terminal by 2025 with two quays capable of accommodating simultaneously the next generation ships. Whilst dredging activities, at – 11 metres, and quay retrofitting were recently concluded in 2023. In the cruise passenger area, retrofitting activities to the Cesare Imperiale Viaduct, the 300-metre scenic waterfront promenade connecting Ponte dei Mille to Ponte Andrea Doria Terminal, is near completion.