Valeria Mangiarotti


Valeria Mangiarotti

Technical Environmental Solutions

Sardinia, Italy

Technical Environmental Solutions director

Sardinian Ports, Italy

MedCruise is becoming a bigger and bigger family every year. We are working in difficult times but we have to believe that the future will be on our side.

The environment has always been a priority of mine. With the collaboration of all MedCruise members, we record the current and future LNG infrastructure of all MedCruise ports. The very important is that we have tried to understand what should be the best solution for our ports.
In the context of my group “Technical Environmental Solutions”, we will try to understand all environmental projects of the ports of MedCruise and the concrete situation on the OPS and if the plan Fit for 55 could be useful for us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.

The challenges of our Association are many and we will work together with the cruise lines and with the exponents of the other international associations with whom we will share best practices.

I want to thank you in advance for your valuable help in achieving a good result.

The result of MedCruise is everyone’s result.