Odessa Sea Port: 2017 cruise season opens

Odessa Sea Port: 2017 cruise season opens - Κεντρική Εικόνα

MedCruise member Odessa Sea Port Authority is very glad to welcome the first cruise ship to open 2017 cruise season.

On May 16th, m/v Princess of the Dnieper moored at one of the berths of Odessa Passenger Terminal. This forms a very encouraging development, indicating a turning point for the Ukrainian cruise market which faced a mostly quiet period during the past two years.

Onboard the cruise ship there were 98 passengers from the US and Germany. In total, this year Princess has planned 10 cruise calls at the port with the last one being scheduled for September 27th.

For more information, please contact Odessa Seaport Authority, Mrs. Elvira Leshchynska, esk@port.odessa.ua.



Odessa is a special city. Probably, the sea, the sun and the ability of the people of Odessa to keep the chin up, has helped to create its own Odessa vibes.

"Odessa is a city of year-round visiting"! Under this motto, Tourism Development Program for 2016-2020 has been created.

To find out more about the real Odessa, with its history and architecture, colorful courtyards and noisy life, with a large number of museums, theaters, galleries and exhibitions, and with the aim of promoting Odessa as an all-year-round tourist and event destination, a new subbrand was created - Odessa 365 (http://www.odessatourism.org/do/calendar)

The calendar of events "Odessa 365" is full of bright, colorful, large-scale events and festivals of various kinds. Numerous cultural events, sports, music, dance, intellectual festivals, culinary and vocal competitions, bicycle and auto rides, turn Odessa into a continuous festival site.

Odessa is one of the largest centers for trade and shopping, a gastronomic capital, a seaside resort and cultural treasury, an event epicenter, a city of romantic inspiration - open to guests 365 days a year!

Having become acquainted with the calendar of events "Odessa 365" any tourist will always find the excuse to come to ODESSA!

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