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MedCruise Members Corsica Ports & Var Provence Cruise Club featured in Forbes Magazine


Our 60th General Assembly in Palamos is still bearing fruits!  

Another first of MedCruise there was to invite new media partners to the General Assembly such as the US economic magazine Forbes to enlarge the visibility of our port and associate members.  

Corsica Ports and Var Provence Cruise Club met there with journalist Ann Abel and brang her the Interreg European project they work on together, along with other Italian cruise ports: R-Itinera.  

The projects’ partners have designed 2 different cruise itineraries around Corsica, Var Provence, Liguria, Tuscany and Sardinia in a genuine mix of pristine boutique ports and city ports: Bastia, Oristano, Santo Stefano, Fréjus-Saint Raphaël, Porto Santa Margherita are some of the Mediterranean hidden jewels suggested to get off the beaten paths and avoid crowded destinations.  

As boutique ports, they target small luxury cruise ships, promoting new immersive and sustainable ecoutourism experiences through economic valorisation of cultural and natural heritage.  

The first itinerary brings the cruise guests on the footsteps of tradition and wilderness, highlighting the most beautiful panoramas visited by slow mobility means like ebike or kayak. The second one is an initiatory journey in harmony of our 5 senses, around the savors and flavors of the Mediterranean.  

Both of them have the same main objective: leaving a minimal environmental impact on the destinations and bring to the guests the most positive immersive experience.  

Ann Abel’s article is now live, you can read it here: Cruising Is Catching Up With Our Slow Travel Times (forbes.com)